Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Fashonista Vintage Floral Bib Apron

My grandmother, as she aged, cooked less and less, but I have memories of her in the kitchen going all the way back to my earliest childhood. She was the daughter of German immigrants, and she liked hearty, sensible, economical food. She made an incredibly simple chopped cabbage salad with an oil-and-lemon juice dressing that was unbeatable, and apparently impossible to reproduce, despite the repeated attempts by her family. She was neither an adventurous nor an exotic eater--pizza was just about as far afield as she would go.

My grandmother died more than three years ago. When I saw these aprons for sale at, it was almost like she was standing in front of me again. She would have chosen them not for their style or color, both of which I love, but for their practical nature and usefulness--my gran liked to wear clothes several times before washing them, and so strove to keep them as clean as possible for as long as possible--a feat, I am certain, that was difficult while raising four children above a grocery store. These are are neither practical nor useful for me, but I almost ordered them anyway. I could hear her saying, "Well, that seems like a fine waste of your money, Miss Molly."


merseydotes said...

Those are beautiful. Would it be weird to ask for an apron for Valentine's Day?

Molly said...

Not at all. I am just crazy about them. I believe there's some others that are very similar at as well.