Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Year In The Kitchen

I love food.

There is a scene in the Nora Ephron novel Heartburn where she talks about food being the way that she says I love you. That's true for me, although unlike her character, it's hopefully not the only way.

But it is one of the ways. It's one of the ways that I say there may be a lot I'm not great at; I have a short attention span and I have very little patience with stupid people and ignorant people and liars and actually have very little patience in general, I will almost always leave a pair of red underwear in the bottom of the wash with a load of white towels with the predictably pink results, I forget to buy stamps and I have a bad habit of saying things I don't mean when I'm angry, but sit down at my table and you will never walk away feeling short-changed. If nowhere else, I give it 100% in the kitchen.

This is my 2008 project: a blog about food, at least one recipe a day, and other stuff too: cookbook reviews, unsolicited opinions about Rachel Ray (for the record, I am opposed), and general chatter about food, eating, entertaining, and why Tom Colicchio insists on having that stupid-looking soul patch. I might talk about All Clad versus Calphalon (a subject I don't know much about, admittedly) or the fact that the glassware that I own came from Target in 2002 and still has a deeper emotional impact on me than most family photos (it's identical to my late Aunt Judy's). I might talk about a selection of cheeses for a red wine tasting, or about the sandwich that Adam Sandler's character makes during one scene in the movie "Spanglish." I'll probably post links to other people's great creative efforts when it comes to the kitchen, and creative efforts in general turn me on, so I may not limit it to the kitchen.

If there's something you want to hear about or talk about or feel passionately about related to food, please, I'm totally wanting to hear about it, write about it, argue with you about it. Leave me a comment or send me an email. If you have a link to a website that sells great artisinal South American cured sausage or small-batch organic goat cheese or something equally interesting, send it along. If you want me to tell my readers to vote for Mitt Romney or something, though, you're gonna have to seek elsewhere. I'm not your girl.

See you New Year's Day, or sooner, if something comes up.

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